Background: W.Heath Robinson (1872-1944) British author-illustrator, best known for his weird and wonderful ‘inventions’ he drew for the “Strand” magazine.

Dictionary definition: Heath Robinson – absurdly ingenious and impracticable (after the name of the cartoonist)

What an achievement! An illustrator so famous for his inventive cartoon contraptions that he not only has absurd devices referred to as “Heath Robinson” he also makes it into the dictionary! The incredible influence of fun illustrations :)

What if dreaming up a “Heath Robinson” idea is not so absurd after all? What if active encouragement of the wacky and insane helps birth highly original innovation and inventions? The more fantastic the better.

If you come up with an idea and people laugh at you, you may be onto something, after all, the mobile phone was initially laughed at and now you are more likely laughed at for not having one. Intriguing how the once thought crazy often turns trendy.

Your imagination could create the next thingumajig whatsit doodah – it only takes a thought and you have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day.

So, what is the most absurd, crazy, wacky idea you can think of? Will your idea make it into the dictionary? What can you come up with that is absurdly ingenious and impracticable? What Heath Robinson contraption or idea can you invent?

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