Blindness has not stopped Stevie Wonder seeing. Being sightless, he does not turn a blind eye of ignorance to the world outside of his mind and thoughts. Shut your eyes for a moment and sample your judgments of your surroundings. With eyes closed your senses take over, with eyes open your thoughts flood back in, labelling the world you see before you. Shut your eyes when you listen to the news and “see” with the mind in images yet without the images you see on screen. You can see with the eyes, you can see with the mind and you can see with the senses, yet often each tells a different story.

With your eyes shut imagine a gun shot. What has happened? Someone shot, someone engaged in target practice, the start of a race, an animal killed, a car backfiring, an accidental shot, a real life gun shot, or one on television or radio, or did you imagine it now the sound has faded? What followed the noise – commotion or silence? Who created the noise, where did it come from and why? Endless questions with the eyes shut and if you were blind you may well have to trust someone else’s interpretation. With fewer filters perhaps facts emerge quicker in the sightless once the information is heard. Perhaps the blind have to ask more questions?

So what does Stevie Wonder see? Here are some of the ways in which I feel Stevie Wonder sees and often I feel he sees more than most.

Stevie Wonder sees how music soothes the soul and joins the human race.
Stevie Wonder sees how war often fails and the beauty and sense of peace.
Stevie Wonder sees the joy of gratitude, be it sun on the face or water on the skin.
Stevie Wonder sees textures and shapes and the wonder of the other senses from touch through to hearing.
Stevie Wonder senses the vibes of happiness and harmony.
Stevie Wonder sees the freedom and affluence in the richness of the present moment; the grounding in the now.
Stevie Wonder sees how it is impossible to be alone on a planet with 7 billion people.
Stevie Wonder sees how happiness and beauty come from within.
Stevie Wonder sees the joy of positive communication.
Stevie Wonder sees the nature of impermanence and the coming and going of all things.
Stevie Wonder sees unity through both dependence and independence.
Stevie Wonder sees the power of imagination, of fantasy and of dreams.
Stevie Wonder sees how to express unique talents despite limitations.
Stevie Wonder sees that we can all see like he, simply by closing our eyes.

These are just some of the ways I feel Stevie Wonder sees – there are hundreds more to explore. Give it a try during your day – close your eyes and “see”. See what you can see through sightless observation.

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