How many problems in this world have existed for thousands of years without being addressed? Why?

How many excuses can you think of for the lack of answers to longstanding issues? Why?

Why? Focus.

Picture the lanes of an athletics track; every long-term human failure represented by athletes walking around the track, within the lines.

Neither the space inside the track or outside the track exist to the athletes – their blinkered view keeps them within the lines and their journey is planned – keep walking.

The athletes have walked for thousands of years; not through fear of daring to stray outside the lines, they simply don’t see that there may be alternative routes.

Outside of the boundaries, beyond the borders, transcending learned limitations opportunity waits.

Opportunity waits in the gaps beyond the known, after the assumed and outside the lines of confinement.

In the same way that the athletes, walking for thousands of years was unavoidable – change is also unavoidable.

The opportunity to change when it meets the time to change provides a catalyst; the catalyst is awareness.

Once awareness spreads, a revolution occurs; not a battle, not an uprising, a total surrender. A peaceful revolution of surrender; surrendering and accepting that change is necessary.

The surrender is a falling away of limitations of the past, the opening up of seeing the potential of reinvention; of seeing new routes.

The revolution of surrender turns cogs in a giant wheel; the giant wheel is called Planet Earth where millions of small wheels turn.

The giant wheel turns, the planet revolves, the world heals; we can heal the world through the wheel of real change.

What is real change?

Turning awareness into action; individually and collectively.

Awareness of the need for real change is positive action. Starting anew and getting it right, designing a future that will work. Designing systems that cannot fail.


Collective effort, pooling human brainpower and working together. Imagine, dream, plan, create, build – because we can.

The old wheel has turned for thousands of years; it needs reinventing and each and every one of us plays a small yet significant part in the new turning.

Turning the wheel of real change.

No one is tied to the past – that is an illusion – we create the past now. Every single minute of every single day we collectively invent the past in action and thought.

It’s time to recognise it. Time to change the past that we create right now.

The illusion is broken – we cannot blame a past that we created and continue to create on a daily basis.

Get turning – however you can, whatever you can do – just turn and the wheel of real change will take care of itself.

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