Be calmly active

Watch how steady a professional snooker player is before moving his cue; silently attentive, concentrating fully on moving only his arm – nothing else – delivering the cue in a dead straight line.

Watch how still a professional darts player’s body is – minimal movement; pivoting from an elbow seemingly set in concrete. Quiet accuracy.

Being calmly active means having great focus in the present moment; knowing your surroundings and being aware of your movements; both in body and thought.

Calmly active is like inner and outer Tai Chi – a relaxed peaceful state yet still active.

Calmly active is the breath and poise between swimming strokes, the controlled delivery of a shot put or javelin in athletics, the skill of a chef chopping vegetables at great speed yet in total control.

Calmly active is concentration and composure in the moment.

Calmly active is being aware of the gap between your thoughts and seeing your thoughts come and go.

Calmly active is enjoying the activity totally absorbed in the moment – being in the “zone”

You might like to try balancing a tennis ball on your head whilst keeping another one in the air on a racket, or balancing a book on your head and walking. Try also walking up and down stairs with a book or DVD on your head as an added challenge. Perhaps learn juggling or any other activity that requires concentration in the moment. Tip; focus on deep, effortless and silent breathing. Be aware of the air passing in and out.

Actively calm

Being actively calm is the awareness of being calmly active.

Being actively calm is an effortless state of “knowing” & “doing” – intentionally staying calm and being aware of it.

Heightening your awareness of your breathing, your posture, stance, actions, thoughts, environment and maintaining total calm as you undertake those activities. Like a walking meditation or an ongoing active meditation. In touch with the silence beneath and between sound.

Staying actively calm is like imagining you are a huge tree; standing firm, roots fixed in the ground, deep effortless breathing and heightened senses.

Being actively calm is like watching the wind, or hearing commotion and stepping out of identification with it. Hearing commotion and at the same time remaining in touch with the silence beneath and around it.

Being actively calm is like reading a book or watching television where your focus is entirely on the activity and you are not lost in thinking. Often this is the only freedom from thinking many people know of or experience unconsciously distraction from thought that creates relaxation or temporary forgetting of any concerns. For more tips on quietening the mind Download my Free 85 Page “Stop Thinking” E-Book.

Being calmly active and actively calm is:

How the professional emergency services save lives

How a hero digs deep and rises above in disasters

How Olympic athletes break personal bests and set new World records

How animals hunt to survive

How you can bring more richness and aliveness to your life.

And the real beauty is – it’s effortless.

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