Ponder a filing or record system of your thinking. What categories might you create?

Imagine you spent a day noting your thoughts and recording them into categories – I wonder what the results might be?

Repetitive thoughts, replays, memories of specific events in your life, past, present or future, hobbies, your job, people, yourself, specific subjects, random ideas, comedy, fun; thousands of possibilities.

If you noted down on paper your thoughts into categories, I wonder what the results might be. What would your top categories be?

Next up of course analysis; asking what you focus your thinking time on and why.

You might create a mindmap or pie chart or graph to hone in on your thinking time and focus areas.

If your categories where similar you might group some of them to ascertain the type of thinking and assess the reasons for “where” you think as well as “what” you think. In which areas do you think and why?

Might it be possible to create a top 10, top 5 or top 3 areas in which you spend your time thinking?

Record keeping might be tricky; perhaps have boxes and as soon as you become aware of what you are thinking about count it.

If the physical recording is impractical at least it will get you thinking about what you are thinking about, why you are thinking about it and where you allocate your thinking time.

What am I thinking?

Why am I thinking it?

How is it helping me or others?

After creating a top 10, top 5 and top 3 what might your No.1 category be?

In your thought charts how might you promote what you really wish to think about to your No.1 position?

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