When you cannot focus on your positive purpose – what you wish to achieve, nothing comes and the flow disappears. Here are some tips on how to refocus which I have gleaned from experience.

There are only really two critics – you and others. To focus, block out the noise.

What is the noise? Essentially, what are the critics? Thoughts. Either the thoughts you create yourself that concentrate on doubt or thoughts such as other people’s opinions, which you have allowed in.

Feedback, opinions, ideas and criticisms, all help, yet ultimately you know whether you are on purpose, following your positive goals and intentions. Are you doing what you wish to do as a person? Are you thinking what you wish to think?

How to block out the noise? How to refocus?

A simple method I use is to count down slowly from 24 to 0 and use a phrase after zero such as “let go”. Take some deep breaths and relax. Repeat the exercise as many times as it takes to quieten your mind and regain focus. You may discover that after a few attempts of 24 to 0 you can quieten the mind counting down from 10 to 0 or 5 to 0 should thoughts arise after the initial 24 to 0.

The object of the exercise is to quieten your thoughts down so that you can concentrate on what you desire to achieve. That means eliminating doubt thoughts and other influences, to concentrate your effortless attention on what you wish to think about or create.

It doesn’t matter how many times you have to refocus; it may be that your mind drifts off again. The mind loves to think, that is its function – work with it not against it. You can refocus with a countdown and clear your mind after each drift.

In physical terms it could be likened to a blank canvas or one completely filled with paint. It is far harder to notice a colour in a huge painted canvas than it is to add a colour of your choice to a blank canvas.

From zero, from the new canvas, from the blank mind, you can make choices that you wish to make, empowering thoughts, empowering actions – realigning with your purpose and goals.

Imagine a lottery machine, all the balls jumbling and rotating – imagine those are your thoughts – total confusion. Now the machine is off and you can select the balls (thoughts) you wish to. That’s refocus – the stillness beneath the jumble. The clarity beneath the chaos.

Sometimes this exercise works instantly and other times it may take an entire day, even longer; this is not a quick fix, it is just a shared experience which has worked for me. I hope it helps you.


1. Listen to ideas, opinions and criticism
2. Process and explore your thoughts including doubts
3. Refocus using the 24 to 0 countdown

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