Visit your garden, the local park, the countryside, or an open field and find a two foot square piece of grass. It doesn’t matter which two feet – ideally where the grass is about two or three inches high.

Welcome to the universe in miniature!

In any two foot square patch life thrives; bustling action, incredible detail, on a very small scale. From the growing grass, to buttercups, daisies and weeds, ants, bugs, flies, worms, even a cricket or grasshopper if you are lucky!

Welcome to the smaller picture the finer detail beneath your feet; the helicopter view zoning in on a complete and complex world. A world of light and shade, hot and cold, rough and smooth, sharp and blunt; a place of colour, of stillness and action – aliveness captured in a moment a mini film full of drama and intrigue. Where to next for the ant? What life expectancy for the daisy? How do they each know what to do and where to go?

Can you see fashion, signposts, directions, maps, houses or roads? Is there a clear path or set plan? Or is the uncertainty intriguing?

Welcome to the land of questions on a small scale!

You can lose yourself in the detail or step back and see anew. You can turn to view another world or leave the scene entirely.

A similar pattern emerges throughout the entire universe. Little things happening on a big scale everywhere; mini moments coming and going, moving and changing, evolving and devolving.

The two foot square of grass signifies constant movement, everlasting change, the world shifting in harmony and sometimes out of harmony.

Irrespective of scale, change happens, life shifts. Change is easy to see on the small scale beneath your feet, not always so easy in your own little world if you lose sight of the larger scale. To the cloud in the sky you are the ant you study in the grass. To the moon you are dust or perhaps even invisible.

It puts your worries in perspective to consider the scale – from small to large with your little world somewhere in-between.

When you think you have problems it is worth stepping back a moment to consider the view down from the moon and up from the two foot square of grass; the life outside your thoughts.

You can live in the world or help build it – the scale is up to you.

You have the universe in the palm of your hand and the world at your feet.

Welcome to the smaller picture!

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