Here is a mind map summary of tips for adding 3D to your mind maps.

3D helps create impact and makes your mindmapping more exciting.

Depth and perspective encourage your personal style to develop and help your mind maps become more memorable; which in turn increases learning potential.

3D can be tricky to accomplish with smaller drawing pads. Using scale is important – moving from small images or text to larger images or text helps provide striking contrasts.

Using space wisely and leaving gaps allows your eye to fill in detail and also take in the complete picture. You can even create a World and invite yourself and others in.

Adding 3D helps stimulate your creativity and gets you thinking of new links and associations which help unearth originality.

3D provides intrigue and excitement; creating a sense of fun and adding another dimension to your mind maps.

Experiment with 3D and have fun with your mind maps.

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