If you look around you at the “stuff” you have accumulated in your lifetime and answer honestly as to whether or not you really need it all, you will probably decide it’s time for a de-clutter.

Need or think you need? One day, some day, I might find that useful. How long have you had it? Have you used it up to now? Do you really need it or do you simply think you need it?

That’s the “stuff” you already own. What of the tempters, the impulse buys and the “stuff” that tries to convince you that you need it? Everywhere you go these days “stuff” cries out “buy me!” and yet most of it isn’t really a need, it simply plays to your desire and hooks you in. Often the hook is a promise that you’ll look, feel or be far better with the new improved “stuff”. Your life will be incomplete without our “stuff”.

If you created graphs of predicted usage and actual usage of the “stuff” you have purchased over the years I bet many of them would show a vast discrepancy 🙂

“I want” is a powerful persuader, it convinces you very quickly. “Do I need?” helps you question the reality beneath what you think you want. Think you want is one thing; wanting and not questioning the thinking is the real issue. The “I want” is so strong it often prevents you stopping and thinking.

Wanting is not necessarily a problem; often it doesn’t matter if you have “stuff” or not – after all, it is personal choice. Yet, if you wish to transcend the need of “more”, you can easily do so simply by asking if you really need the “stuff” you think you need.

What of the “stuff” you have accumulated?

Can you sell what you no longer need or use?

Can you donate some of it to help others out?

Trouble deciding?

Have you used it in a year?

If you left the planet tonight and only had two suitcases what “stuff” would you pack?

What would you leave behind?

Need or think you need? That is the question.

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