You plant some seeds, and herbs, flowers and plants can grow.

You try something and even if it fails you’ve created an outcome; so you try again until you succeed.

You chop and change, alter and amend and soon you have devised a new way of seeing, being or doing.

You make, shape, bend and break; everything you do creates change – sometimes good, sometimes bad.

You invent and dream; bold, brave and fearless you stumble and fall, then carry on because anything is possible.

You develop and plan; you set goals – some you exceed, some you fail, ever trying, ever improving.

You do and you be and you do some more – you “do be do” and then “do be do” more.

You nurture your uniqueness and notice new talents, you build on your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses.

You invent, you question, you investigate and you expand.

You recognise the potential of the sky and the infinity of space. The attempts you’ve made and the attempts you will make – the failures and successes along the way.

Every day you have an opportunity to create.

The only question is – what might you create?

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