The silent presence within; the feeling of life – the buzz beyond words. The life inside you exists both in movement and stillness. The energy within beyond description, beyond thought and beyond the distractions of the outer world as perceived via your senses.

You are the feeder of your thoughts and the listener; you give your thoughts power and you can take that power away. Be stronger than your thoughts, which is not a struggle, for you are bigger than your thinking.

Feel the life within and stay there. Stick with it and your thoughts subside.

Your thoughts will attempt to convince you that by not thinking you are not living yet there is life within you whether thinking or not. Your thoughts fall like snowflakes and then melt away to nothing unless you clutch at snowflakes and turn them to stone – something to hold onto, something to grasp; something to attach to.

If you visualize snow falling and sense the life within, you can see that it is a choice to reach out and grab the snowflakes. The snowflakes come and go – the life inside you remains.

Build a snowman and talk to it – you will be talking to your thoughts; an imaginary conversation that pretends to be reality. All day, every day, you are catching snow and building snowmen and talking to them in an ever-changing world of the internal and external. Your past could be likened to frozen snowmen, moments and memories desiring longevity; wanting conversion into a stone story.

The buzz beyond words is an inner feeling of life; the silence within. Silence is a magical thread – a link we all share, and a place of equality.

One of the miracles inside us is that our thoughts don’t have a volume control. Try as you might, you cannot shout or whisper a thought. The voice within is one voice existing in a sea of ever present silence; a noiseless realm before, between and after your thinking. That ground of silence is the same place from which the planet grows; a place of harmony and unity.

Follow your heart and you listen to a silent feeling; follow your head and you pick and choose thoughts. The heart feels and the head thinks. The heart, the feeling within, the buzz beyond words is silent; a silent “knowing”.

As the sun and rain fall on everyone alike the silence within and without is universal.

Silence is a powerful transformer – in silence there is no past or future, there is only the reality of now. Overwhelm fades in silence. In silence answers arise. Becoming comfortable with solitude and silence is how you prove to yourself that it is your thoughts that govern your level of happiness at any one time.

Silence is always available within and you can access it in the present moment. Being alert to the life within, you can listen intently and effortlessly to the silence within. The life within, the silence within; the buzz beyond words.

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