Often unhappiness is created through analysis or resistance. Primary resistance is non-acceptance of the past, the future or the present moment.

Analysis – having to enquire if and why you are happy encourages the search for reasons or conditions. The search for the “right” set of conditions creates infinite seeking. Expecting the outside to fix and fulfil the inside.

The alternative is “happy for no reason”. Acceptance of and surrender to the past, the present and the future. Acceptance of what you can and can’t change. Embracing impermanence and practicing positive and unconditional daily living.

“If only” is a detour away from reality – if only the sun would come out, if only I weighed less, if only I could stop aging! Through surrender you can change the things you can change and accept the things you can’t change. Through surrender you can acknowledge the self-created reasons for your resistance to happiness. Acknowledge the choices you are making that cover up your happiness. It takes total surrender to sense the happiness that already exists within and beneath your resistance to happiness.

There is no magic switch; it takes daily and moment by moment peaceful surrender and acknowledgment of your choice making both in thoughts and actions. It also takes acknowledgment of your wrong choice making thoughts and actions.

Resistance to the happiness that already exists within you is created by choice of thoughts and actions.

What might happen if you stopped having to analyse if and why you are happy?

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