Here is a vision for the future (or now which is the future). Invest in cures. Not invest in research into cures, which of course already happens – invest in cures that are certainties already. Those things that we know without doubt that we can solve, can fix, can resolve; can eradicate.

Power, purpose, time and money dedicated to curing the curable. Why? Because it’s possible and once done, it frees up dedication to those things for which there are no cures, yet.

Fix the fixable, to make way for concentrated effort later into those things we don’t know how to cure. Fix the fixable – cure the curable – invest in cures.

Examples might be peace, poverty and starvation. Imagine the “PPPP” – Post Peace Planet Potential. What might the future bring? Can you imagine the positive change and transformation potential after world peace? Peace requires less speech, less words, less confusion, less complexity, more silence, more simplicity, more unity.

Imagine the world curing the curable.

Invest in cures; a vision for the future which is now.

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