I’m inspired by companies and individuals who display a 100% solution orientated approach; committed to not only finding answers they also implement them. Problems can be challenges to overcome or they can stop you in your tracks. Some problems are so longstanding that they can be seen as irreversible or too large to contend with. I find it embarrassing that people are still starving and living in poverty on this planet; embarrassing because it simply does not need to be the case.

I have a long-term vision; a dream: I wish to see World Peace on this planet so that problems worldwide can be addressed. Will it happen in my lifetime? I don’t know; I would love to see it. Can it happen? In my opinion 100% yes! I believe many problems are problems simply because of a lack of focus. Easy to focus on the problem; not always easy to offer solutions. Easy to analyse, be a critic; not so easy to suggest workable answers. What really stops many solutions being heard let alone implemented? Quite often no more than ego; opinion, belief, sole or joint – joint being more “powerful”. A commitment to can’t instead of a commitment to can.

At a basic level if we say can’t or can, will or won’t our language has an impact on outcome. The word “problem” can be such a strong label that it often prevents the seeking of solutions. The label “problem” becomes accepted and therefore often ignored, shelved or forgotten.

I feel “ego” has a lot to do with not seeking solutions; defence of opinion, belief, argument, point of view are all pretty much negative “blocks” that halt progress. So I’ve devised a short equation P-E=S Problem Minus Ego Equals Solution.

I feel a shift of focus will solve many problems. Instead of listing a bunch of reasons why something can’t be done, I’d love to see more total commitment to solutions. The dropping of opinions whilst solutions are sought. I feel that could open the floodgates to answers and creative idea generation. Focussing on solutions without flow-breakers. Flow-breakers halt or stir; analyse rather than move forward.

I invented a short acronym recently SOS – Solution Orientated Success. I love acronyms because they are simple and simple often works. In fact, I would say simple finds solutions where complex often covers them.

Questions are the forerunners of progress. Asking simple questions such as the 5W 1H and particularly using “How” helps channel efforts into answers; energy into solutions.

World Peace is possible because we aren’t all at war.

Feeding everyone is possible because we aren’t all starving.

Eradicating poverty is possible because we aren’t all in poverty.

In many cases we already have the answers because we are already doing it!

I’m not saying we can solve everything – what I’m saying is we can relish the challenges; rise up to them and make change a reality. Why? Because we can.

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