Senses can play an enormous part in projects. Think how you feel when you smell strawberries, chocolate, coffee, or freshly baked bread. Incorporating images and colours associated with these items can potentially have an effect on the viewer. Colours are known to trigger responses such as red for danger, anger, Christmas, love. What senses might your designs and products stimulate whether intentionally or not?

It gets you thinking in different ways to ask odd questions, such as how does my product smell to the eyes!

Contrast walking into a store playing loud music against background sounds of nature. How you feel in buildings can make a massive difference to your experience. Executive cars can smell rich if they have leather upholstery. Diverse ways of looking further at the senses might include; how does my text sound – not the meaning; the look of the text.

I’ve always thought envelopes and stamps could come in flavours so they don’t taste horrible when you lick them!

Take a look at the many products and packages you see around you daily and explore what they do to your senses. Try choosing a sense that you would not normally associate with the item such as asking how flowers sound.

If you like the smell of this idea – give it a try!

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