Here is a fun look at expanding the Mind Map format.

I have created a new series of Mind Map Game Boards.

The Game Boards can be used for light-hearted fun and idea generation, both in business and personally.

The Boards are suitable for adults and most ages and can be used at home and at work.

The image above is the Choice Maker Blank Version (the E-Book version is larger)

This example is presented free and there is an E-Book available for purchase containing other Mind Map Game Boards

The E-Book is 46 pages long and comes with a set of 8 large jpeg images for printing and optional lamination

More details of the contents of the E-Book appear later.

The object of the Game Boards is “fun”.

Having said that – you could also use them for generating random new ideas, team building and solution finding.

As an introduction to the E-Book and Game Boards this Blog Post contains the “Choice Maker” Blank Version from the E-Book.

The “Choice Maker” Blank version contains spaces to add words to the thought clouds and paper cards and labels and also to the books both in the foreground and background.

Select a theme and add some words to the Game Board.

Once you have added random words, simply place the illustration on the floor or table face down and throw a small object of your choice onto the Mind Map Game Board: wherever it lands that is your prompt to follow.

Use a dice, small coin or disc, perhaps even a small piece of paper rolled into a ball.

You can decide to explore the word or object however you choose to.

You can always throw again if it is a word you don’t like!

You can select a theme for words to add or add random words depending on what use you wish to put the Game Board to.

For example, you might add words about a project, a product you are creating, a book you are writing, or as a memory test for learning or perhaps create mental exercises for fun.

You could plan Blog Posts or writing.

You could add foreign phrases to aid learning another language and write the translations on another copy of the Game Board.

You could even plan a years worth of activities by making random selections from words entered.

The potential uses are infinite.

A few more ideas appear below.

The Game Boards present a fun, imaginative and creative way to utilise the Mind Map format

A few more potential uses:

You may like to name a pet randomly; name your child even from a shortlist of favourite names?

You might like to add words for what to do at the weekend?

Create a holiday destination shortlist?

Perhaps draw a competition winner, choose meals; the list of possibilities is endless and the Game Boards can provide a random element to your decision making and entertainment

It has to be said – you would be wise not to use the Game Boards for important decision making! 🙂

Give the “Choice Maker” Blank version a try; see if you enjoy the concept and if so perhaps you may like to consider purchasing the E-Book which comes with large jpeg images

The images can be printed A4 or larger at a local printers if you wish and also laminated to create sturdy versions.

Here are the full contents of the E-Book:

Choice Maker Game Board

Use the Choice Maker Game Board as a Random Choice Selector for idea generation, fun and more

Choice Maker Blank Version

The Blank version allows you to create unique Choice Maker Game Boards of your own

Boredom Buster Game Board

Select random hobbies, ideas, pastimes and interests; for occasional daytrips, days out, or lifetime pursuits

Chore Choice Game Board

Add a fun element to sharing out or selecting chores using the Chore Choice Game Board

Positive Thinking Game Board

Enhance your mood and create a positive thinking environment with the Positive Thinking Game Board

Theme Maker Game Board & Images

Create ideas and storylines from the images within the Theme Maker Game Board

“My Favourite” Mind Map

Outline your personal favourites for a snap shot of your unique personality

Bonus Mind Maps

Two Bonus Mind Maps

Mind Map Game Board Image Set

(8 Individual Large Size JPEG Images)

Print the images out in whichever size you wish and even laminate them for longevity

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