This Mind Map is inspired by two Blog posts:

Blinded by the light? seen on Jims Marketing Blog and Richard Branson: Secrets to my success seen on the IQ Matrix Blog where the words Action over hope jumped off the page at me!

Here is a concept which is not necessarily new, yet perhaps worth a revisit and rethink.

Presented as a concept, an idea; something to ponder.

Business bartering trading trades.

Economic crisis? Give your services away!

Give over you cry I need money, business, progress; I cant give it away free. Why not?

Not everything is given free all the time just some in order to generate more trade.


Team up with other businesses and trade trades on a small or large scale.

Barter, help each other; swap services and it may keep you both in business and attract more opportunities without costing too much.

I could list dozens of ideas and possibilities; so Ill suggest one hypothetical situation as an example.

Business A is a painter and decorator, trade has slowed despite their outstanding quality of work. Business B a small independent DIY store struggles to compete with larger outlets despite offering personal service and extensive knowlege. The DIY store sells painting equipment yet ironically the shop hasnt seen a lick of paint in years.


Painter trades a make-over for a range of equipment from the shop and an ongoing discount the DIY shop gets painted and the painter gets all the tools he needs.

Customers see both in action DIY shop getting improvements which gives them confidence and longevity; and the painter happily advertising his abilities. The negotiation has to be fair naturally, yet a partnership like this could encourage more trade.

The cafe next door hears about the trade so they start making free sandwiches for the painter thats his lunch sorted for a week or two they need him to put up a notice board in exchange and will allow him top position for an advert on the board once done. Painter likes the sandwiches and the fact that he hasnt had to make his lunch for two weeks for the first time in years, so he offers to paint wall before adding the noticeboard.

Everything above offers a visual advert far better than sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring.

Naturally, jobs and swaps can be negotiated on a smaller scale.

Are you really giving your services away free?

Yes and no overall you are trading possibilities, sharing, caring, helping, nurturing, seeing potential, seeing opportunities by thinking linking and trading trades and why not?

As you can see from the above, the ideas here came from Mind Map thinking; making associations and links, investigating possibilities and considering alternatives.

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