This mind map is a tribute to author and lecturer Dr. Wayne W. Dyer whose many books, audios and DVD’s include “Your Erroneous Zones”, “10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace”, “Wisdom of the Ages” and “You’ll See it when you Believe it”. The flow zone mind map draws inspiration from a chapter called “Getting to Flow” which appears in his book “Real Magic”

Flow zone, as I have termed it, refers to the “zone” in which creation, whatever it may be, becomes effortless and spontaneous. “Getting in the zone” is a common phrase for top achievers, musicians, athletes and artists, who enter the present moment fully inspired, where time appears to stand still and concentration on activities becomes almost meditative even without sitting quietly. The flow of experience in the moment is often beyond thought and analysis.

Flow involves being on purpose, enjoyment detached of ego and devoid of judgment – literally living bliss in the moment. Here are 5 key areas to flow summarised and condensed from the chapter:


The overriding goal gives meaning and purpose; over and above yourself; shifting your energy to how you can serve others. You and the task are one; you become the “doing” through “being”.


Instead of being slave to the senses, you can avoid distractions and direct your mind totally to your present moment, operating clearly and freely, tapping an inner knowing that helps you capture your “flow”


The process of letting go, dropping struggle, moving beyond senses and surrendering to both the present moment and the process, rather than the results which will follow. A quote from the chapter “Prosperity is about process, not outcome. Process is about purpose. Purpose is about loving and giving.”


The automatic experience of bliss and inner joy when flowing without striving and feeling uplifted by what you are doing; the enjoyment and the result of flowing in the moment.


The awareness of recognising when you are on purpose and flowing; without striving.

A final quote from the chapter:

“Flow is that kind of an inspiration, one so powerful that all obstacles seem to be removed and we are in love with what we are doing so much that it seems to just flow without any effort from us at all. You can experience flow in virtually anything”

Further reading:

Books by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer such as “Real Magic” and those mentioned above plus many more by him
“The Element” by Sir Ken Robinson
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Video excerpt:

Wayne Dyer – “You cant give what you dont have

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