If I designed a Pier I’d build it in sections that could mechanically isolate in case of fire or other damage. The sections might have hydraulic capabilities to enable splitting either horizontally or vertically; movable sections that could split the Pier into separate smaller structures.

If using a vertical hydraulic system the rising sections may also have water sprinklers fed by the sea to help dowse fires.

Beneath the movable areas, temporary walkways could maintain access in case of need and possibly additional safety netting as a further precaution. These additions could flow around the main structures to serve as emergency routes and access.

The main benefits of creating segregated Pier structures are damage and disaster limitation and reduced replacement costs.

If I designed a Pier I’d build it in isolated sections, chunking down the problem into smaller areas. This is only an idea yet it may help others consider alternatives to our existing Pier constructions. Perhaps we might introduce fireproof sections into existing Piers?

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