This mind map can serve as an idea bouncing board for choosing random themes to explore, for the purpose of expanding your creativity and seeking solutions.

Think of the solution you intend to accomplish and what answers or outcomes you seek, then choose a random avenue via one of the branches to explore, or work through each branch in turn.

Total solution focus encourages shortcut to answer consider the solution and spark ideas and thoughts via the mind map branches, by asking probing questions such as:

  • How can the solution encompass a timeless element?
  • How might the solution be more exciting?
  • What could be dropped from past unsuccessful attempts at a solution?
  • How could the solution open new doors to fresh positive opportunities?
  • In what way could the solution be celebrated?

Visual projection allows you to envisage the solution and work backwards like the brief image you have in mind of a meal, prior to preparation and cooking.

This mind map is just an example; you might prefer to create your own mind maps, to act as a turntable or central theme for idea generation and solution finding.

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