All answers are words.

Initially this sounds an obvious statement. On deeper reflection it could hold the key to many solutions. Eradicating superfluous words can sift down to help start unravelling potential answers.

All answers are words. Some words help, some hinder. A dictionary full of words is often a book full of answers yet of course, as with music there are infinite arrangements. We just need to find the right arrangement.

You can play random musical notes or you can compose like Mozart. In words you can use random associations of little meaning or value or you can use empowering arrangements that inspire and create solutions and progress.

Consider for a moment how you detect and deduct what works from what doesn’t work. For example with music, you instantly know the difference between a bunch of random notes that don’t work and a beautiful arrangement. In words, you often instantly recognise “answers” – something clicks, and as with music, is almost beyond words. You can suddenly sense the solution and go with it. You don’t need to be a musician to appreciate the skill and order of beautiful music. It speaks; you listen and understand.

If all answers are words – all we need to do is find the right words.

Is that too simple?

I feel simple is the answer to answers.

Eradicate the wrong words and find the right words like focusing on the right notes in music.

I feel it could work.

Ponder it. Try it. See if it works.

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