Imagine no heaven or hell. Imagine this planet is all there is and we each create our own heaven or hell through our thoughts and actions. Imagine that – you have the power to create your own heaven here on Earth.

Imagine no countries. Different languages, traditions, cultures, different ways of living, yet no borders; only humans living together on Earth. Imagine that – you could have a flag of origin which represents “where” you were born not who or what you are.

Imagine no religion. Different religions, different beliefs, different views and traditions yet ultimately one truth, one peace, one goal, one vision. Imagine that – unity of purpose as a human race over and above separation of viewpoint. Collective and shared intention – peace and harmony.

Imagine no possessions. You were born without possessions and when you pass away you no longer have possessions. Imagine that – arriving on the planet, living a peaceful life and leaving the planet as good as or better than you found it without the need of thinking you can take anything with you when you go. Nothing wrong with possessions – although it is a good idea to recognise impermanence; everything you “own” is a temporary loan.

Imagine no greed. Imagine everyone feeling satisfied with what they have, appreciating how fortunate they are and not having a yearning for more, more, more. Imagine that – whatever you have, you have enough and anything extra is a bonus.

Imagine no hunger. Imagine everyone on the planet being able to eat sufficient for survival. Imagine that – a basic need fulfilled for everyone.

Imagine peace. Imagine sharing the world without squabbling over parts of it. Imagine that – what could we humans achieve if the planet were at peace?

Imagine all these things and many more being solved for future generations to live in peace and harmony.

Now imagine what stops it happening.

“We” are the answers to our problems. “We” used our imaginations to create these problems and “we” can use our imaginations to solve them.

Imagine that.

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