Great questions to ask prior to purchasing on impulse are Can I live without it? or Do I really need it?

The De-Clutter Mind Map looked at freeing up space both inner and outer and here is a new Mind Map Template to jot down a few Needs vs. Wants Needs are often few whereas wants are infinite hence a few more branches that side!



Needs and wants, they seem the same,
Both yearning deep within our hearts,
Yet one provides a sense of gain,
The other just a fleeting part.

Needs are simple, yet so true,
The essentials for our daily life,
The things we must have, to get us through,
Like food and shelter, love and strife.

Wants, on the other hand, are grand,
Desires that we dream of night and day,
The things that make us feel so grand,
But may not be necessary, in the way.

Needs are crucial, wants are just a choice,
And it’s up to us, to find the line,
Between what we must have, and what we’ll rejoice,
And make the most of what we have, in kind.

So let’s be mindful, of the wants we chase,
And make sure that our needs are met,
For in the end, it’s what we’ve faced,
And not what we’ve acquired, that we won’t regret.

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