Imagine birthing through art the ‘you’ within. What might it look like?
What if you expressed the ‘you’ within on a canvas in colour?
How about expressing the ‘you’ within using only lines, scribbles, dots, shapes etc.? Electric or static?
Artistic expression of the ‘you’ within, with or without words – the image of the inner you. You could analyse your creations or see them for what they are in terms of spontaneous art. Inner portrait creation – transferring emotions and feelings onto art. The mind map structure serves the idea well, being radial and organic growing from the centre outwards. You could include words or use images only or use colours and shapes.
This exercise would require limited drawing abilities if tackled from an abstract angle or you could explore representational images of your inner realm. The portraits are likely to change, naturally, so you could effectively create silent thrashings out from within to without at different times. Birth the feelings within through artistic expression using the freedom to explore your emotions.
On the inside: What do you see? What do you hear? What do you sense? What do you feel? How might you transfer the ‘you’ within, in the moment, onto paper or canvas? Try birthing the ‘you’ within in an unguided and spontaneous fashion.
Might your art from the inside appear different depending what activity you are undertaking at the time? Perhaps tapping past memories, good or bad, may birth wildly different styles and creations? Moods into media, from turbulence to tranquility.
As a form of art therapy, potentially relaxing and therapeutic, birthing your inner portrait creation may unearth past, present or future.
What of a group creation on a large canvas? Mixing moods and feelings, flowing in unison, to create a collaborative masterpiece. Imagine the unique fingerprints of each participant. Spontaneous painting, drawing, sketching and doodling may release tensions or highlight love and joy in action.
What if soothing music were played before creation? Contrast that with heavy rock. Contemplate creating an inner portrait creation out in nature. Perhaps a hands-on approach may reveal different results; applying paint by hand for example? You might incorporate mixed media or unusual materials, potentially creating a unique collage.
The example I have created explores different methods as an illustration of possibilities rather than representing my inner state 🙂
Imagination and invention, dreams and desires, you could build a portfolio of inner expression, tapping and harnessing your individuality and originality.
Inner portrait creation – what might you create?

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