Year 2110


“What, you mean cars used to drive AT you?”


“Yes, traffic would travel in both directions; vehicles would come towards us on the other side of the road!”


“That’s crazy!”

Year 2010

What if all roads were one way? Sounds absurd at first, yet is it such a crazy idea?

Using present roads and building a few extra ones if really necessary, traffic could “flow” in one direction – everywhere. Initially journey times and routes would change, until drivers got used to the idea, phased in over several years.

Why change?

I feel the benefits are potentially huge. Reduced congestion and improved flow. Less accidents and less road rage. Greater flexibility for maintaining the roads; less traffic lights, less painted lines, less roadwork’s, less potholes, less damage. Diversions would be minimal and road closure simplified.

Routes would flow, directions would be far simpler, more space for vehicles and flow lanes for public transport. Safer parking, safer for road users, safer overtaking, safer for pedestrians and road worker’s. Emergency vehicles could have easier journeys, road conditions would be greatly improved, surfaces and verges would be easier to maintain, signage clearer, cheaper and easier to understand and pace and flow more controllable.

Making all roads one way is probably impractical yet it might work for some of our minor roads.

In 2110 anything’s possible.

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 by Guamer
Good ide

I was thinking about this idea and this was first google result. This would open up space for bike lanes also. I was wondering if anyone had done simulations on this too see how much collective time and energy, and lives could be saved with this.