Writing in a linear format down the page or screen can bore the eye and cloud the mind. Converting text to mind map allows you to add colour and excitement and hone in on key points, which can all be viewed together.

Mind maps allow mid-air freedom where linear is more like road traffic congestion. Mid-air planning encourages free thinking. You can juggle multiple associations; new links appear and new combinations arise to help develop your thinking. With your key points in one place you can visualise them in conjunction with the whole, see the bigger picture and form an instant aerial overview.

You can go off on a tangent, explore another angle, have a time-out, incubate and revisit with fresh eyes, all without the need to scan and search through pages of text. Aerial visualisation is perfect for tapping existing knowledge and developing new infinite and unrestricted thinking.

Having space to explore in free-flow and add images, encourages you to think about and capture multiple ideas simultaneously rather than working mechanically down a page or screen. Linear can often halt your thinking process. A bored mind shuts down and an open mind blossoms.

Aerial visualisation cultivates creativity and freedom of expression. When you daydream you rarely do so in text on pages! You daydream in images, using colours and senses via memory or projection. Mind maps allow you to capture your daydreams and ideas. You can hone in on a subject and channel your thinking power into the end result or solution. Whether clarifying your thinking, planning, learning, exploring your creativity or sharing ideas – aerial view gives you the power to rise above rather than getting bogged down.

How can you develop your aerial visualisation with mind maps? What, why and how can you mind map?

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