What makes you who you are?

Consider qualities unique to you rather than surface or fleeting likes and dislikes.

How do you stand out in a crowd?

What makes you different?

What are your unique qualities?

We all have skills and talents; a blend that forms who we are.

You are very special – no one else is like you – why?

In addition to summarising your own qualities you could use this template to explore your group, team or business.

I have added a lot of faces to the mind map template and tried to make them all different have you noticed how the mind when confronted with this many faces starts to ask:

Is there one that looks like me?

Is there a face I recognise – “hey that looks like….”

The mind is naturally curious and loves labelling.

By the way, I don’t think there are any likenesses to people as far as I’m aware?

Here are some ideas for using the Mind Map of me Template:

Explore what makes you who you are – try looking for personal qualities rather than general labels.

You could use the template to discover what similarities we all have as human beings on this planet. What connects us all together?

You could plan a speech, outline presentations, outline song lists if you are in a band or plan content if you perform to audiences in other fields.

Perhaps use it as an overview for planning a book or essay.

You might explore qualities you aspire to develop and devise an action plan to achieve them.

You could summarise qualities of famous or successful people you admire; what makes them who they are?

Have fun exploring your special qualities; enjoy discovering and developing your inner talents and if you highlight a unique skill or talent you wish to have go for it; study and perfect it.

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