When you are the recipient of someone elses kindness even a simple Thank you it can change how you relate to the World and how you feel about yourself.

True Random Acts of Kindness are genuine, sincere, thoughtful and considerate. They are acts without seeking anything in return. This means no ROI (Return on Investment), in fact, no thinking of it as an investment and no expectation of a return favour or RAK. There is no express need or requirement for acknowledgement or response.

RAKs are not made in the hope of being seen as good, kind and helpful either they are made because you want to help others and you dont need a reward or recognition for doing so.

RAKs are not always secret although they can be anonymous.

RAKs are not Karma tokens Karma is simply action not necessarily a build up of good or bad, resulting in good or bad.

How many seconds does it take to change a toilet roll so that the next person isnt confronted with a single sheet? (You could be the next person!)

How long to replenish stationery and stock?

How long to make the tea?

How long does it take to say Thank you or compliment a nice meal or good service?

There are countless examples of RAKs and they dont have to involve money. By enhancing your senses you will see far more positive things happening around you and you may even be able to help others too. I read once that if you feel miserable it is almost always because you are not doing enough to help others.

What you focus on is key if you see, read, hear bad things it is because that is where you are focusing if you see good, kind and inspiring things, again, it is because that is where you are focusing your attention.

Mahatma Gandhi said: You must be the change you wish to see in the World

You can start with simple RAKs and remember to give RAKs to yourself too, even if it is as simple as being kinder to yourself from a thought upwards!

To learn more about RAKs here are a few suggestions for further reading there are thousands of inspiring books out there and a great tip is to stick with ones that really help you if a book isnt helping you after one or two chapters move on!

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