Here is a mind map summary capturing a few personal observations and explorations of the question: What is Negativity?

Negativity, I feel, is a stopper or blocker, be it in thought or action. Once you become aware of negativity it tends to lessen, such as noticing a negative thought; instantly the thought, because you have observed it, has less impact. Unobserved negative thinking can lead you to a spiral or accumulation of more negativity; almost as if contagious. Often negativity leads to a final statement, such as an acceptance of defeat “because” and the reasons then come easily.

Here is a quote from Peace Pilgrim which I have abbreviated within the Mind Map to a simple acronym for easy recall:

“If you recognise that all of your inner hurts are caused by your own wrong actions or your own wrong reactions or your own wrong inactions, then you will stop hurting yourself”

The acronym “AIR” summarises the above quote and works well when assessing your own negativity:

A – Action
I – Inaction
R – Reaction

Quite often negativity falls into one or more of these three areas. Questions to ask yourself:

Is the negativity due to my own wrong action?

This prompts the seeking of alternative ways to view the negativity.

Is the negativity due to my own wrong inaction?

This prompts reflection – you can’t change the past yet you can learn from it and change future or present actions.

Is the negativity due to my own wrong reaction?

This prompts questioning the negativity more deeply – asking and exploring why you reacted and whether it was justifiable and necessary.

I’ve found this quote brilliant for exploring and clarifying my thinking.

You may like to give it a try – see of it helps you.

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