Why hold onto the past?

Two main headings come to mind – better or worse.

If the past is judged to have been better than now the present moment may feel inadequate and appear to cause unhappiness.

If the past is judged as having been worse than now it may be used as an identity to create unhappiness in the present moment.

Under each heading – better past or worse past -, the focus is a yesterday and not today.

Yesterdays are thoughts.

There are millions of yesterdays and only one today. You can’t live in a yesterday only a today. To “live” in a yesterday you must be thinking away from today, away from now; this moment. Yesterdays are held together by memory.

Permanently living in yesterday is like being trapped inside a snowy paperweight.

The past has gone – the past has left you – have you left it? The past has moved on – have you?

Can you pull up the anchor of your past and let your boat drift?

It is very easy to blame the past for an unhappy now; it shifts responsibility away from action in the present moment.

Past = postponement = procrastination = pointless!

Past focus is simply thought attention; a choice, a direction. Can you drop the past, whilst learning from it and move on?

Every day is a new day – can you drop yesterday and say yes to today?

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