This mindmap highlights ideas for contemplation and reflection. Some of these come from the thoughts I share on Twitter – you can follow me here @mindmapdrawer Other ideas in the mindmap come from my personal journals. I hope you enjoy these contemplative phrases. Here are the text only versions:

Life is the coin. Heads or tails are only perspectives – the coin still exists. The mirror of opposites.

I am nothing that you want me to be and anything that you want me to be. The mirror of opinions.

What is the difference between a true thought and a false thought? They are both the same. The mirror of commonality.

Every word is a thought – every thought is a word. To attach or not to attach? The mirror of attachments.

If your illusions become your reality, your reality becomes your illusions. The mirror of confusion.

Nature reflects back your unconditional acceptance. The mirror of harmony.

Peace = Unity – Unity = Peace. The mirror of the collective self, known as “one”.

Patience is kindness – kindness is patience. The mirror of caring.

Simple is wise – wise is simple. The mirror of clarity.

Trying to understand another is trying to understand yourself. The mirror of the unity of the human condition and conditioning.

Live the questions share the answers, share the questions live the answers. The mirror of the continuity of positive innovation and progress.

There is an ordinary soul housed within an extraordinary persona and an extraordinary soul housed within an ordinary persona. The mirror of the normality of unique talent – unique is normal.

Compassion is forgiveness – forgiveness is compassion. The mirror of human love and understanding.

Every lorry should have one – “If you can’t see my mirrors I can’t see you”. The mirror of seeing.

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