This mind map is a tribute to and celebration of the many wonderful books by Deepak Chopra. You can find more about Deepak at his website and follow him on Twitter @DeepakChopra
The mind map highlights the contents of a chapter called “What is the key to lasting happiness?” from the book “Power, Freedom and Grace” ISBN 139781878424815
Deepak offers three keys to happiness that lasts.
Firstly, he suggests identifying with the unchanging essence of your inner self, your source, so that you no longer need to search for happiness. The second key is a silent, non-judgmental mind and the third key is to feel comfortable with the flow that life offers in terms of pleasure and pain without getting stuck in either.
The keywords highlighted in the mind map are as follows:
Unchanging essence – inner self, your source, identify, happiness, non-seeking, lasting
Silent mind – positive, non-judgmental, non-analytical, noninterpretive
Accept contradictions – life, flow, banks, pleasure, pain, experiencing, stuck, neither, freedom
I hope this mind map gives you a taste for the content of Deepak Chopra’s book Power, Freedom and Grace – it is a fascinating read and I highly recommend you seek it out.

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