What is over thinking?

Hundreds of potential definitions exist. Here are four examples:

1. Adding unnecessary complexity
2. Over-analysis and trapped in thought
3. Worry and mulling over problems instead of seeking solutions
4. Seeing personal and World problems as permanent or unsolvable

Using the 5W 1H prompts you can devise lots of questions to help guide you to possible solutions. Think SOS – Solution Orientated Success.

5W 1H from different angles focusing entirely on solutions – example starting points and probing questions:

  • Am I worrying about something I have no control over?
  • If you or someone else can change it – change it – if you can’t, why worry about it?
  • What exactly is required to eradicate the problem?
  • Who can I ask to help solve it?
  • Where can I find a solution?
  • Why is this a problem – can I change my thinking?
  • When is a solution likely – can I chunk down and solve in parts?
  • How can I help solve it?

If you seek out solutions in anything, try keeping it simple, reduce your thinking and shift your focus from problems to potential solutions.

Think SOS – Solution Orientated Success.

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5W 1H as a 90-10 Solution Finder

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