Consciously slowing down and allowing space around thoughts and actions can help uncover new ways of thinking. Slowing down by 50% can be quite relaxing; almost like Tai Chi for everyday activities.

A good example of going half speed is when leaving a message on an answer-phone to improve clarity of the message you leave. It may feel a bit unnatural to speak 50% slower yet the recipient will be grateful. Slowing down helps you savour the moment more fully and can lead to improved idea generation.

Going half speed, things still get done. It can often save time when you complete a task thoroughly the first time around. Half speed also encourages greater observation and appreciation of the present moment.

Slowing down can allow you to enjoy tasks in the moment rather than resisting the present in hope or search for a better next moment.

Give it a try – you may surprise yourself and actually confirm the saying “you sometimes have to slow down to speed up”

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