Invisible beauty shines from within. You can’t see it, you don’t need to, yet you can sense it, like the buzzing purr of a content cat, a silent knowing; appreciation beyond words. Life, being lived, being sensed, being witnessed within and without.

Invisible beauty has no rules or conditions. No expectation, no need of control, no set of ‘desires’ that must be met. It simply ‘is’. Life and breath.

Invisible beauty is unconditional, an acceptance and welcoming of reality, as it is, not as you expect it to be, because reality cannot always offer you all that you want.

Invisible beauty is simple; unconditional flow, effortless, in harmony with life and the planet in the same way that your heart beats and your body keeps you alive in the moment.

Invisible beauty is like a smile you can sense or feel on the inside; peace beyond explanation. Silence helps you sense this beauty; to see it, touch it, feel it, devoid of conditions, without labels, the nameless, aside from external expectations.

Invisible beauty is like the silence surrounding flowers after the labels of aroma, colour, style, name, patterns, shapes and all outer descriptions. Thoughtless acknowledgment and appreciation, being with and seeing the flowers for what they are – life; as you look and listen without judgment.

You don’t have to do anything to sense the invisible beauty, just ‘feel’. The closest you can come to a technique is to put your total awareness on your breathing, breathe slowly and deeply and simply ‘be’.

That’s the beauty of life beyond labels invisible beauty, the inner smile beyond externals.

Invisible beauty is equality – a unified sensing; a global harmony – the life within that each one of us share. The knowing of life; collective and yet also unique. Several billion heartbeats and several billion single hearts beating. All of us contain the invisible beauty, life being lived. The inner smile, life and breath; invisible beauty.

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