Words are powerful. They can knock us down or lift us up and yet words don’t make you feel good; it’s deeper than that – you make you feel good. Are words really powerful, or are they only as powerful as the power we invest in them?

Having read thousands of inspiring books over the years I’ve gradually thinned out my collection to around 50 or 60 books that I feel offer solid reminders on motivation, inspiration and positive thinking. I treat these books as an opportunity to have one to one conversations with the authors. It’s an honour and a privilege to converse with great writers via their written words. Picking up any of these books and reading a short excerpt, often only a sentence or two has an instant impact. It’s also possible to ask questions and turn to any page – very often the answer comes; the book speaks wisdom back to you.

As with quotes and affirmations, reading a brief excerpt from a book that resonates with you can have an impact which is beyond the words. The word to thought connection fascinates me and the word to thought to inner feeling connection is, I feel, where the true power enters. Words lift off the page, convert into thoughts and suddenly transform an inner feeling or state – a miracle born full circle in a few fleeting seconds. Silence has a similar transformative power and so the clear link is your thoughts. Be it the absence of thoughts causing anguish, or the appearance of thoughts causing a positive inner shift.

You make you feel good, via your selection of input and the very thoughts you are having, allowing, or manufacturing.

You make you feel good. That’s the power you have over your inner state.

Words are powerful, yet only when you choose the power, by selecting the words and converting them into feelings.

It doesn’t matter if you read a thousand self-help books or not if you recognise you and your thoughts are the choice makers. Solitude is your proof that it is your own thoughts that govern your level of happiness. When you read words that resonate there is an “aha” moment of dawning, when the meaning sinks in and a “knowing” replaces the questioning. At that point it is no longer the words, as they have done their job in carrying the meaning; suddenly the knowing exists within you beyond thoughts and beyond words.

You make you feel good.

Five words worth remembering whenever you notice the impact of quotes, affirmations, writing and speech, be it internal chatter or conversation.

You make you feel good. That’s real power – the power of silence before words and the power beyond words.


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