What of the first encounter? The first discussion? Love, hate, friend, foe, communication possible or complete disaster? The needs, the customs, the lifestyles and behaviours – similarities or vast oceans of differences? That first greeting – good or bad, friendly or hostile, close or at a distance, by invitation – how might it go? When we meet the aliens, what of that first contact and then what after that? After the fear, the comparison of facts and fictions, the stories of past, present and future – the sharing, the caring, the interaction and new learning. Where will the meeting be? On Earth, on another planet, mid-space, on a neutral uninhabited planet somewhere? Peaceful, aggressive, full of hate or full of love? A meeting of mutual acceptance? An unconditional barrier breaking monumental occasion?
Alien landing – positive or negative?
What of foods, drinks and celebrations? Who on Earth will take responsibility and represent our planet? Will there be crackers and sparklers, party hats and presents or an exchange of bombs and hostilities? Will there be mutual help and assistance, sharing of technology and medical advances? What of the different species of animals, plants and minerals? What of tourism and exploration?
Alien landing – positive or negative?
Someone has to decide – someone has to plan – someone has to think about it. Will you?
Now, where did I park my space ship?

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