This mind map explores my observations of a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci. Source of reference for the image is the following book: “Leonardo da Vinci” (Art in Focus 2000, Page 9) ISBN 03829041527

The drawing is a Pen and Ink called “Landscape drawing” dated 5th August 1473

I think there is more to this drawing than a landscape. It strikes me there are many animals, imaginary and real woven into the drawing. Bottom left, I can make out a rabbit, a lion and a dog, centre middle to front a comical dragon, further back an outline of a seated horse or cow, and most striking of all a large birdlike image practically surrounding the right-hand side of the drawing. Accidental or intentional; possibly simply da Vinci doodling, or perhaps entirely my imagination? My feeling is that this sketch would have been far more intricate and clear as a landscape in the hands of a genius like da Vinci; I feel he has inter-woven multiple drawings and sketches like an overlapping montage.

Might this be a correct observation; or perhaps am I imagining the animals in the same way that da Vinci suggests to us to “see” images in clouds and walls and the like? Da Vinci observation – what do you think? Perhaps you can make out other images within this landscape drawing by Leonardo?

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