Recently I created a Mind Map asking:
Why did Leonardo da Vinci use Mirror Writing?

Now, with reference to a wonderful book called How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci by Michael Gelb ISBN 978 000 716965 8 (318 Pages) I have created a Mind Map called The Qualities of Leonardo da Vinci

This Mind Map touches on many (not necessarily all) of the outstanding suggestions and ideas presented in the book by Michael Gelb; a great book that I highly recommend.

I have read this book many times and often see new and different ideas with every read!

In this Blog Post I share a few of the messages gleaned from the book.

Many of the qualities seen in da Vinci can enrich your life and take your life experience to a whole new and wonderful level.

Having a passion and discipline for self-education, prompts a curiosity for continued learning.

This means a willingness to accept constructive criticism and having the capacity also to self-criticise, without punishing yourself for your failures.

You know in yourself whether you have given your best or could do better.

This calls for honest self-reflection and self-investigation to truly see your life direction ahead of you.

What changes do you need to make to really improve and grow in your own unique way?

What really drives you on and motivates you?

What do you see as your passion?

Where can you direct everything you have got and do so effortlessly?

Which areas do you thoroughly enjoy and excel in?

Where does your life gain meaning?

This calls for trial and error.

Actively seek mistakes as stepping stones towards a better you on your terms.

Keep failing see the word fail as a friend; when you look at the word fail picture an L plate at the end and see your failure only as a learning curve.

You only have one life.
How do you know what to do with it?
Often you dont.
So, you need to experiment.
Try, find, discover, try again.

Ok so how can you discover what you really want?

Find out what you dont want – you know what you dont want and that will eventually lead you to what you do want.

If it means that at the end of your search you do not have anything left, it presents you with a brilliant opportunity to start over and discover from scratch exactly what you do want.

During the journey you can add rich life experiences and sample many different ideas, seek out new cultures, ways of thinking, tastes, opinions, beliefs; an endless list try them all!

It takes dedication to go out on a limb.

It takes courage to try something different.

It takes honesty to judge the results.

You will know if what you try works or not on a deep level within; it will just feel right.

The application of empowering and positive qualities or habits requires an ongoing dedication to move in the right direction and to know and recognise when you miss the target personally.

Embracing uncertainty can become the norm once you have worked through fear and seen it as a mind created illusion.

From the simplicity of sitting next to a spider and realising it isnt actually trying to hurt you to taking big and audacious steps to push yourself to the limits of your knowledge and ability constant improvement in small, yet significant steps.

Seek out tools to help you develop. If you cannot find them invent them!

Never assume you know the answers.
Instead, allow the answers to come.

Ask questions, of yourself and others.
Learn from the best.
Find out what makes them tick.
What makes them successful?

Expand your thinking.
Using tools such as Mind Maps helps you delve to the depths and reach to the outer edges.

Heighten your senses.
Really see and experience your environment; become so immersed in the present moment that you truly begin to appreciate all of life.

Let the future take care of itself.

Simply enjoy this moment.

Nobody knows for sure if this time tomorrow it will rain or not.
Even weathermen can only calculate they cannot know for sure.
Often, they say Mostly dry

When immersed in the present you may discover that you actually start to enjoy tasks that you previously viewed as a chore or bind.

Realise you can accept responsibility as the captain of your destiny.
Take the wheel and steer your ship.

These are just some of my many personal observations that I am sharing with you having read How to Think like Leonardo da Vinci

I know that if you were to read it yourself, the messages for you may be totally different, as it offers much more than I have covered here.

I hope the Mind Map I have created will encourage you to read the book and make some positive changes to your own life.

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