This mind map explores the artist Jackson Pollock from the perspective of the criticism his paintings attracted.

Source of reference: “Interpreting Pollock” by Jeremy Lewison ISBN 1854372890

Jackson Pollock, American Modern Artist (1912-1956)

He invented “Action Painting” which entailed applying paint to a canvas on the floor in a variety of unusual ways such as dripping, squeezing, pouring, splashing, spreading, using syringes, cutting, framing, walking, handprints, arm, even riding a bicycle over the painted canvas!

Whatever your interpretation of Jackson Pollock’s paintings, he represented individuality, originality and self-expression in his own unique way.

Look at this list of critics; both in ridicule and awe – such widely diverse reactions:

Fire, lavish, hero, icon, explosive, untidy, aggressive, violent, volcanic, ugly, extreme, extravagant, radical, innovative, tough, relaxation, freedom, energy, motion, stridency, liberation, rhythmic, dancing, flow, spiritual, spontaneity, disorder, bland, gothic, random, morbid, dense, unpremeditated, exasperation, striking, control, uncontrol, chaos, movement, complex, eye-catching, conscious, unconscious, challenging, influential, notorious, mindless, decorative, virility, natural.

Or you could say “Jackson Pollock”.

So, amid the noise, who will you listen to: other people’s opinions of you or you, yourself, within your own heart?

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