Life isn’t all clear skies and sunshine, the weather changes and the planet knows what it needs to maintain itself on our behalf.

Have you ever considered that you might be carrying your own weather within you? You might be manufacturing your very own climate within?

As with the weather, your inner climate can change daily. The weather changes; so can you.

It can rain one minute and the sun can shine in the next; we have no control over the weather on the planet.

Yet internally, the climate within – we govern that and make choices minute by minute that create our very own internal weather forecast. We also get to share our weather with others.

Are you shooting out bolts of lightning or creating storms? Harnessing a gentle breeze or rustling up a hurricane? Freezing ice or warming sun? Are you creating your own weather that impacts yourself and others?

The climate within – a weather forecast you can change. So what of the outlook? What will you create? What will you share?

The climate within is yours to design and it benefits both you and those around you.

Might you create a rainbow?

Might you share your sunshine?

Your weather forecast is a daily choice. There will be cloudy days, storms brewing, fluctuations, the fog of confusion, occasionally floods of despair, yet remember the clear skies, the beauty of the rainbow and the warming heat of the glowing sun.

The more skilled you become at reading the internal weather the better your predictions. You can change your weather from the minute you recognise what you have manufactured. Your thoughts have the power to change your climate within.

Are you raining on yourself or others or shining warmth, happiness and peace?

Are you manufacturing storms or clearing clouds?

You cannot change the weather on the planet yet you can change the climate within.

What is your forecast?

What is your prediction?

What is your outlook?

What weather do you choose for your climate within?

How can you change your weather?

You change your weather and create your climate within by firstly recognising that you are the creator and secondly by making a decision to change what you are producing.

The recognition of the climate within is no different to looking outside, seeing rain and deciding to take an umbrella. Or, looking outside, seeing scorching sun and opting for a hat, sunglasses and sun screen. Choices made because of the weather and choices made to create the weather.

Whatever you manufacture on the inside you automatically share with others whether you try or not.

If you rain on yourself – you rain on others.

If you shine on yourself – you shine on others.

What weather might you create?

What weather might you share?

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