When creating mind maps you can choose to space your branches out evenly or let them grow naturally. Occasionally you run out of space because you have more ideas for some branches than others. To an extent that is fine because you want the spontaneity of exploring your ideas, yet if you wish to enhance the look of your end result you might consider spacing before starting.

A good tip is to work towards the corners of the paper and middle of each side when aiming branches. Imagine lines from the centre and radiate your branches out in the general direction of each line. I’ve added faint lines to the mind map above as an example. The lines are not to suggest using eight branches; they are simply a visual aid to leaving space between branches. You could add pencil guidelines or small dashes before you start to help plan your Mind Map. When I created this mind map I worked out towards the corners and middles.

In silhouette you can see areas of space, direction of branches and areas I could have improved 🙂

This mind map was created on A4 paper (standard printer or photocopier size)

Larger A3 paper (double printer paper size) allows more room and therefore more space.

If you use smaller A5 (half printer paper size) you can still leave space although you might have to write and draw smaller! A5 mind maps scan as well as larger mind maps if you are considering sharing your mind maps with others via the online mindmapping libraries. If you find A5 paper too small for your mind maps, you could try creating each branch on a separate page or break your mind map down into four sections and piece them together.

See the finished result of the “Commentate your Activities” Mind Map and Blog Post

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Mind mapping

Very interesting

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