Whether it is conscious or unconscious negativity is a choice.

We choose and our choice affects the way we feel.

We choose to be offended. We choose unhappiness.

We choose to be positive. We choose to be happy.

Even reading these few words you could choose to agree, disagree or have no opinion and sit in the middle. All along the way choice plays a part -making positive steps to combat negative emotions in ourselves takes courage.
Few have the courage to really face themselves, go within and ask questions in the places that scare. Fear dissolves as you break each component down and unless in a life-threatening situation fear can be reduced to a thought. You can lie in bed, comfy and warm, tucked up and still feel fear if your thoughts are thoughts of fear.

Detaching from thought and seeing your thinking as just thoughts like clouds passing by can instantly change your feelings and perception of the world.

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