Here is an exercise perfect for holidays – or any time during the year.

Question the oldies!

Most of us can find someone older than us to learn from whether family or friends. I have created a quick example mindmap; you can create your own or use this as a starting point.
Prepare a series of questions, discover more about the person and gain some life tips from their experience.

Example questions to ask:

What is the best thing that has happened in your life?
What is the worst thing that has happened?
What advice would you give to enjoy life, stay happy, healthy and fulfilled?
Who have been your influences; who has inspired you in your life?

Summarize favourite places, holiday, film, book, food – everything you can think of.

Take a few moments to capture what the oldies have to say; what can you learn from them?

You may need to create a number of mind maps for this exercise. Perhaps start a new project for 2010 interviewing people and summarising their life stories with mindmaps.

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