This moment is.

This moment is how it is.

This moment is what it is.

What are you expecting? More or less of something? Something different? Something other than this? Bigger, faster, hotter, funnier than, anything; just as long as it isn’t this.

Then what? Where next? Another moment; or a “this” to accept or not, or a “this” to recall, or talk about, or react to, or be upset by.

Your body is in this moment; if your mind is elsewhere, physical and mental can seem out of tune. Your body is very often content to be in this moment yet your mind may not be and so thoughts conjure reaction, inner antagonism, expectation, anticipation, discontent, dissatisfaction.

Imagine for a moment that your body acted like your thoughts – off it went in search of another moment elsewhere. Imagine your body reacted as fast as your thoughts, journeying to past and future, from moment to moment. How tiring – constant physical movement; dissatisfied in the destination and seeking a new moment elsewhere. That is the journey a dissatisfied mind takes via thoughts – away from now – away from “this”, and just as tiring.

Resistance is emotionally draining and the next stage is blame; blaming the moment, the circumstances of the moment or a past moment; anything on the outside because that is easier far easier for 6.8 billion people and the world to change than me 🙂

The present moment always offers an instant opportunity for acceptance and surrender; of enjoying life now – just “this”. Check when you are next dissatisfied and see if it is in the moment or elsewhere via your thinking. This moment is – where are you? Both physically and mentally – where are you? Are you physically and mentally here now?

The present moment does not care what time it is, what day it is, what year it is. The present moment does not care about the past or future. The present moment is this – this moment is – and the key to the beauty of the present moment is that it is always available, it never leaves you; this moment is always now and simply waiting for you to recognise it.

A great question to ask is “Where am I thinking?” as opposed to “What am I thinking? Where is the origin or destination of my present thinking? Am I thinking away from now? Forgetting where this moment is.

No change happens yesterday – yesterday never changes. Change happens now – this moment.

This moment is.

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