Positive and negative – both words contain 8 letters; which 8 letters you choose makes a world of difference.

Every day presents a new opportunity to cast aside bad habits and negative thoughts and start anew. Closer than that, every moment is also an opportunity. Right now, this minute, change is possible if you want change.

Negativity is an opportunity to flip to a more positive, helpful and constructive way of thinking or acting. Negativity is useful as a signpost for change.


5 simple steps to flipside:

Notice the negativity
Write it down (or create a mind map)
Explore the flipside
Seek a positive solution
Implement change

Notice the negativity

Instead of punishing yourself for negativity, praise yourself for noticing – the most crucial stage of implementing change.

Write it down

Capture on paper the complete picture of any negativity. Once committed to paper you can become committed to change. After practice, you may not need to write everything down, yet it is always an available option and useful way to pinpoint negativity and uncover solutions. List or mind map all the good and positive outcomes of any negativity – the flipside.

Explore the flipside

Literally turn around the negativity and see in new ways. Explore positive avenues and more useful and helpful thoughts and actions. Unearth the good.

Seek a positive solution

Uncover how to combat the negativity. How to see differently, think differently; act differently – how to succeed in a positive manner. Discover how you can harvest positive change. Work on solutions rather than problems.

Implement change

See the positive – see the potential.
Drop the negative – flipside to positive.
Make a difference – create the change.

Every coin has two sides; visualise negative and positive.

Negativity is an opportunity to make a difference.

Negativity is an opportunity to create change.

Negativity is an opportunity to harness a win/win outcome.

Negativity is often a ticket to a solution.

Almost all negative thoughts and actions carry seeds for positive growth and value not always immediately obvious.

Uncover the positive – make a difference – create the change.

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