“A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – Lao Tsu

Here is an example of how you can create Mind Map templates for planning, idea generation and solution finding. The “How” is all important as mentioned in the 5W 1H Solution Finder Mind Map. S.O.S. is a handy acronym to keep in mind – Solution Orientated Success. Focusing on the desired positive outcome.

Eight steps for positive planning:

1. In the example Mind Map template, start at the bottom of the stairs: identify the goal, need or desired outcome
2. All along the journey consider 5W 1H: add “if” and any other questions or prompts you wish to explore
3. Outline why the goal, need or outcome is necessary: question whether it is really necessary at all and why. Explore specific requirements and expectations
4. Brainstorm ideas, areas of potential, considerations and possible answers
5. Hone in on workable and realistic solutions – concentrate on “how”
6. Draft action plans, including a Plan B and focus on positive steps
7. Go for it! Take action, do, be, try, experiment, learn, fail, implement, test, prototype etc
8. Review: explore results, contemplate, consolidate, improve, research, market research, compare, consider, reflect, analyse, check statistics, explore what worked – what didn’t work etc

You can experiment with this template or create your own to reflect your individual requirements.

Once you have a plan outlined a great idea is to put it aside and give yourself Time to Think, contemplate your plan and return to it to check, review and improve it.

I hope you find this Mind Map Template useful.

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