Here is a simple Mind Map with huge learning potential.

This will mean different things to different people so I’ll keep it brief and you can investigate for yourself what it means for you.

A – Aspiration
(Learn from top players and aspire to become one)

Who inspires you and makes you feel that you wish you had a ounce of their talent?

Perhaps Mind Map them out – research all your idols and influences.

Can you stay unique yet aspire to share some of their attributes?

I – Inspiration
(Discover your unique goals, desires, purpose and destiny)

What is it that makes you “know” inside that you are on purpose?

What makes you tick and smile for no other reason than enjoying what you are doing?

Flip that – what gripes you and what are your plans for dealing with it?

M – Motivation
(Enjoy the path, experience the journey and mini-successes)

Motivation comes from results.

Success can be measured personally by your level of contentment.

Great statements yet what drives you?

Where are you headed?

What are your goals?

When targets are huge chunking them down allows for mini-successes to keep the momentum and motivation going.

Every small step gets you further; even if you only sharpen your pencil at least you have made a start!

Behind every plan there’s a pencil.

Great place to start.

A pencil and a Mind Map.

Or a mouse and a Mind Map if you prefer

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