The theme of this mind map is “content” as in being content, yet if you consider for a moment the other meaning of the word content as in contents this simple mind map serves as a wonderful example of how efficient and effective mindmapping is.

The scores on looking up the word content (as in being content) are as follows:

  • Dictionary – 4 new words discovered
  • Thesaurus – 12 new words discovered
  • Mind Map – 50 plus new words discovered

I say 50 plus because that is simply where I stopped! I could have explored and expanded further.

I created the mind map some time ago before looking up the word “content” in the dictionary and thesaurus to investigate the comparison out of interest.

The dictionary gave a definition and the thesaurus expanded the word and admittedly I could have looked up the 12 initial words and sought out more; yet I created the mind map from scratch, without any reference. The dictionary and thesaurus were both linear and had stoppage points – the mind map organic and infinite.

The key point is how effective and efficient mind maps are at expanding out from a central theme.

The mind map also offers a personal element – I created these 50 plus words; you might have very different results – yet the dictionary and thesaurus are static results.

I feel in summary, that whilst dictionaries and the thesaurus are very useful, nothing beats the power of our own minds 🙂

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