“There are no problems – only challenges and situations” – Eckhart Tolle

Nothing offers you more potential than being able to find a solution to a problem.

In the right frame of mind – problems are wonderful opportunities.

The problem with the word problem is that the word “problem” often signals a halt in thinking; unless you are ready to solve it.

In the right frame of mind even the impossible becomes possible.

Can you get excited about a problem?

How positive can you get about a problem?

“YES! We have a problem – let me solve it, let me solve it!” Or at least improve the situation – try to solve it.

Problems are possibilities for growth, opportunities to learn and improve; to create greater knowledge and understanding. If the problem is something you wish to solve and are willing to try to solve you are on your way to a solution. If you can’t solve it, someone else with greater knowledge may be able to solve it.

Once solved – where is the problem?

Where does it go?

What happened to the worry, frustration and fear? What happened to the problem?

Once solved – the problem vanishes like a cartoon character zapped by a ray gun into a pile of dust on the floor!

You can shine by fixing a problem or you can shine by allowing someone who can fix the problem in to fix the problem. So – there does not need to be a problem!

The challenge is to discover who/what/how the problem can be solved – that’s all.

The problem (challenge or situation) is an opportunity for progress, betterment, a chance to fix the problem – and for good if possible!

Problems are gifts; signposts that change is needed, that strength is required and with commitment to a positive outcome, the problem is only a temporary situation.

Here is the quote again:

“There are no problems – only challenges and situations” – Eckhart Tolle

Next problem (challenge or situation) ask:

How can I solve it?

How can I shine?

If I can’t – who can?

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